The Culture App

Can you measure culture change?

Yes, but the Culture App can do much more! It enables people on their individual path to their cultural target. It shows the users their personal progress and the organsation the collective changes. And yes, it is also fun!

Culture Goals

Set your culture targets and track your progress. Every week, the app will remind and encourage you to shape culture towards the common goals. You see your personal progress. And the aggregated and anonymized data monitors culture development in your organization.

My Colors

You can create your My Colors profile directly in the app. My Colors provides you with orientation on your (leadership) behavior and shows you which colors you use to shape your environment.

Culture Vibe

Which colors shape your environment? With the Culture Vibe, you can report again and again which colors you perceive particularly strongly.


In your Report Cockpit, you always find a live view of the culture change. Facts and figures not only inspire the yellow heads, but also provide an important basis for personal and collective development.

Culture Knowledge

Share your culture and leadership knowledge directly in the app. This gives you the chance to share personal and collective experiences of culture change in your organization.