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Business Culture Design

Culture is an organization’s heart, mind, and soul. It is responsible for how people in an organization perceive, think, feel and act. Culture determines how the organization ticks.

With the Culture Map, culture becomes tangible, discussable and shapeable. A Culture Map represents cultural patterns based on seven value clusters, each of which is named by a color. The patterns show the characteristics of a culture.

The Culture Map model is based on Memetics, the science of cultural evolution. It integrates scientific work and innovative theories with practical knowledge gained from working with companies and organizations.
Worldwide, numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations rely on the Culture Map method.

The Business Culture Design Process

The examination of today’s culture forms the start. Business Culture Design combines quantitative findings from online surveys with qualitative information from one-on-one interviews and workshops. In Culture Map workshops, not only is the actual culture worked out jointly and participatively – a common understanding of culture and a common language is also created.

After reflecting on today’s cultural patterns, the context, challenges, strategy and goals of the organization are examined more closely in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current culture. On this basis, the target images are developed, and a commitment to jointly moving towards the target culture emerges. Systemic and personal fields of action are derived on the basis of the culture objectives.

Would you like to get to know your organizational culture and actively and purposefully manage its development? We look forward to supporting you in this!

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The book Business Culture Design (Campus, 2016) provides detailed information on the Culture Map. The author of the Culture Map approach is Simon Sagmeister. Culture Map® and Business Culture Design® are registered trademarks of The Culture Institute AG.


Business Culture Design

Business Culture Design shows you how culture evolves within organizations, what impact it has — and above all how corporate culture can be developed in a purposeful and targeted manner. Examples from the world of management and leadership offer unique insights into corporate cultures. The Culture Map makes cultural patterns visible and tangible—and helps you become an active Business Culture Designer.

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press commentaries
Anyone wanting to know what makes their business tick and looking to become the active designer of their own business success will find this to be the right (work-)book for them.
getAbstract recommends this original book to all executives looking to understand and steer their companies better.
Seal of approval – extraordinary!
Gesellschaft für Produktionsmanagement
Simon Sagmeister presents a colorful palette of typical cultural patterns and explains how their various types diverge in their development. Readers will gain a new perspective on organizations, recognize green, blue, and purple cultural traits everywhere, and begin to consider strategy and culture as a unity.
Die Presse
The author succeeds in presenting the highly complex subject of corporate culture in a manner that is both clear and easily understood even by beginners. The book’s colorful design and its storytelling, which makes use of metaphor and diary entries to depict individual cultures, allows readers to quickly relate to the situations described.
In his book, Simon Sagmeister presents the Culture Map, conceived to describe all cultural patterns evolving in the organizational context. Drawing on many examples and using numerous illustrations, the author explains how culture emerges in businesses and how it can be steered.
Haufe Personalmagazin
The many examples from different organizations give food for thought and provide leaders with rich material to become active designers of their corporate culture.
A comprehensive introduction to corporate culture with vivid examples and diagrams. Very attractively designed and visually well-executed.
Corporate culture – a fine-sounding term that is rarely brought to life. Simon Sagmeister wants to change that. He has condensed his own experience and expertise into 240 pages with the clear call to go out and design your own corporate culture.
For his concept, Sagmeister 'builds on the compelling ideas of great thinkers' across the centuries, which he has 'consistently combined, supplemented, and adapted to the field of corporate culture.' From Charles Darwin through Isaac Newton to Immanuel Kant, many famous names make their way into the executive floor. There are numerous derivations from the nature too.
Simon Sagmeister’s book Business Culture Design is a major contribution to providing leaders with a pragmatic, self-applicable and reality describing instrument to analyze culture. Examples of companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Amazon, and Zappos show that cultural analysis does not consist of vapid retrospection ('Polaroid went down because…'), but instead offers practical advice on current management issues to companies in the here and now.
Knowledgeworking for a living
In sum, it is fair to say that these new forms of culture design will help you steer your company simpler and better into the future.
Hugo Bühlmann, KMU consultancy
The Culture Map is impressive in its practical applicability and clear logic.