24butterfly Corporate Karisma Festival

Linz/April 2024


From 2-4 May 2024, the 24butterfly Corporate Karisma Festival will shed light on the success-critical phenomenon of “corporate culture” from a wide variety of perspectives, bringing together organizational development, leadership and creative design – to pave the way for holistic, interdisciplinary employee experience design. Here, all participants are experts – we learn from and with each other and get to know each other.


We’ll be back in Linz this year

At the 24butterfly Festival, Eva’s “My Colors” workshop will bring to life how managers can individually shape corporate culture. Simon will be taking part in the stage talk. We look forward to seeing you!

You can read Eva’s interview on the topic of “Many managers are not aware of the impact they have – or could have!” here.

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We were already part of the 22butterfly: