BCD Program

BCD Program in China 2024

St. Gallen-Beijing/April 2024

Second BCD Program in China

We are thrilled to announce that The Culture Institute will be returning to China to host another special BCD program this year. This eagerly anticipated event will take place from August 8th to 10th, 2024, in Beijing. Through a meticulously planned three-day curriculum, led by expert facilitators from our team and featuring immersive experiential learning, we will deeply explore the art and science of organizational culture, empowering participants to become change agents within their industries. Participants will receive an official BCD license upon successful completion of the course, which will be delivered in Chinese.

Join us on an unforgettable journey of cultural transformation in China. Together, we will create a blend of Swiss precision and Chinese innovation, cultivating organizational cultures that pave the way to success. Reserve your spot now to be part of this extraordinary opportunity. We look forward to our adventure in China!

For more information, please check out this website.