Culture Change in the Swiss Armed Forces

Neue Zürcher Zeitung/February 2023

Why the Swiss Army is suddenly focusing on resilience and cultural change

A decisive cultural success factor is psychological security – in companies, but also in the military.

The highly renowned Neue Zürcher Zeitung reports on the cultural change in the Swiss Army – click here for the article:

Excerpt: “It is not least the war in Ukraine that shows that a cultural change is necessary. “Pure top-down organization no longer works in our modern world,” says Simon Sagmeister. With his think tank The Culture Institute, he advises both companies and the Swiss army on how to shape their culture. An organization that is too hierarchical is not suitable for complexity, too little information reaches the upper levels of the hierarchy, and the various units do not network. “Sagmeister is convinced that “in overly hierarchical structures, there is usually a lack of psychological security that enables employees to say what they think or know – or to ask questions. He refers to Russian soldiers who were stuck in tanks with too little gas and didn’t dare tell their superiors about it. A modern army needs an organization that enables it to learn quickly and adapt to new circumstances.

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